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jadedctrl wrote

It helps hammers-in the idea of individualism & the idolization of people: that a single person does brilliant things (when that's not the case, not nearly— they just end up getting the credit), and that such people should be given positions of authority, etc.

Even worse, The Chosen One trope tends to promote that the reason the person is brilliant isn't because of something they did, but because of some inherent trait, or some binding “destiny”.


danceparty3000 wrote

Thank you! The bit about authority hadn't occurred to me, that makes much more sense.


surreal wrote (edited )

it's always about passing authority, the Chosen One chosen by whom? the god, the king or whatever glitch.


danceparty3000 wrote

That is why it confused me, because often they aren't chosen by anyone in particular, it's just asserted that they are chosen. To me it usually feels like a soft fourth wall break... chosen by the author, obviously.


raindropq wrote

i think the chosen-One trope is a parable for personal assertion of agency, that she is subject not in reacting to the apparent material conditions of reality but indefinitely involved within a metaphysical web of relations. everybody is a willing author -or can potentially choose to be- One. perhaps a literal materialist interpretation of these parables might suggest that one's personality is independently inherent to a superior Self thus imposing a psycho-social hierarchy and resulting reactionary politic.. #ignore.please //enjoy the day! you are the one!