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Submitted by anarchistfund in books

Rotterdam has a rich and diverse history of squatting. As well as countless houses, many venues and other projects came from the movement. If you know where to look, the city is full of stories.

This book will give you one version of this colourful past, from one squat researcher’s perspective. Read about everything from the Aktiekomittee Progastarbeiders to Zines, with loads of pictures and activist analysis in between.

You are guaranteed to learn something new about this grey city and the squatters movement which even now bubbles away within it.

The book will be for sale at an affordable price and various formats will be released here for free.

Right now the only format available is epub - in order to read this you will need an e-reader. If it doesn't read well, please try another program in case that works better. (Yes it is true there is a pdf file also, but this is machine generated by archive.org and is not the formatted version which will be uploaded "soon").


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