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Dumai wrote (edited )

i don't really know of any book-length critiques of god is not great but i think you'd probably need one to deal with the sheer amount of factual errors in that book

and yeah you can post what you like, but fair warning -- you may alienate people on this site by posting the work of one of the most prominent supporters of the iraq war. or an apologist for globalisation. or a pro-lifer. or a believer in colonialism. i could keep going but even i'm not that obnoxious


bel793 OP wrote

No, I have my criticisms of Hitchens, mostly on going away from Marxism. I read or listen what he has to say and keep what I find best.

But thanks anyway.


Dumai wrote

consider the reason why a trotskyist like hitch might easily see the appeal of globalisation (and why so many prominent neocons are ex-trotskyists)

consider why a marxist might believe western colonialism was historically neccessary

trust me hitchens' problems loooong predate his break from marxism