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kano OP wrote

I'm still on the Mohawk Warrior Society, reading Louis Halls essays, the first essay is called the Ganienkeh manifesto, written during and for an reoccupation of Mohawk land in so called upstate New York Now I'm on the warriors handbook which is pretty good. I have the feeling that Louis Hall somehow knows every idea a conservative might have and rips them all apart. Also appreciate his use of relatively simple language.

Also technical specifications for work super boring.


existential1 wrote

Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Emergency - Richard Rive

Archeology Of Violence - Pierre Clastres


kano OP wrote

Those both seem pretty interesting, especially the second one.


Lettuce wrote

I read it off and on but male fantasies might be a text ppl would rlly like. It's basically an academic deep dive into the motovation and philosophy of low level fedicorps soldiers. Cuz they were a paramilitary between ww1 WW2 that a lot of the most bloodthirsty Nazis came from.

It's honestly wld bc a lot of fedicorps ppl caught in wwq became tok traumatize to function outside war. Then just faughtthe whole time from wwq to ww2 then once WW2 came they were like yeah more war!

The whole brutal mysogny that almost trusn into asexuality is pretty interesting too.