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Here is one of my hot takes that I made a whole back that made like everyone infuriated with me.

I think shit like this doesn't fucking matter. In the grade scheme. I think u only care bc of the bullshit cultural thing in anarchist spaces that allways annoys me. The infatuation with personally being ethically clean which almost always just results in promoting people makingthemself incredibly vulnerable and incapable of helping themself. Glamorizing being Impovershed an working paycheck to paycheck and decrying people doing things that would bring them more autonomy in life bc that would make them sulpable in harm in the world. And they were not culpable when the had less autonomy bc they were incapable of making many decisions in their life.

The veneration of people being real anarchists by makingthemself as reliant on keeping to the status quo is super annoying. And outside of being the poor worker from a wet dream of karl Marx is some glamorization of living off grid outside of capitalism somehow without becoming comlicant in oppression (hint hint not possible). And the other alternative is pink Lifestylists which is literally unsustainable and makes living safely impossible and it becomes super that's to so anarchist projects to make a better life. Hence why almost all the links either die or go become a normie when they hit 30.

The other alternative is people who are decently more self serving who stick to this I have clean hands bs. They just make arbitrary distinctions on how they aren't a capitalist bc they aren't a millionaire or whatever while they live a upper middle class lifestyle as a manager, or stem Lord it whatever. Not saying this is wrong just that a ton of the people who say this shit don't even follow it bc it's a horrible life plan that would suck. So it's all just a bullshit random distinction anyway which result really helps no one except to feel morally good. It's refusal to live a life where u r happier and have more autonomy so u can say u try and live by ur principles as best u can and u can't have any room for growth. A dead end of a life tbh.

And Im super glad I was never convinced to live that way bc my life would be way shittier. I've lived most my life turning down living the morally ideal so I could be less vulnerable. I have some standards but I def wasn't living a morally ideal life or whatever the fuck.

Guess what in real life I'm a massive failure and a complete looser. But guess what if I lived trying to be morally best I would be turbo fucked. For my entire life where I am cognizent I put myself first and because of that I'm in a position where I can try and fail and be generally ineffective and not have to worry about being homeless or having food.

It's been like a year of me trying to live a life that is truly mine of making fuck all money, making fucking massive shitty mistakes all in trying to live a better life. If I would have spent my time thinking about how I could be the least hypocritical in my life I would have never even gotten close to this opportunity to be a massive fuckup and try to live a life that is truly mine.

I would be stuck permentantly just treading water and barely having a chance to make improvement for myself bc if I stop treading I'll sink. I know a ton of people who try to live with that mindset and for the ones who aren't stem Lord types their lives are extremely hard and shit.

They live lives way more ethically true than mine and don't do the wrong thing when they don't have to but their lives are way more fucking difficult and depressing, substantially more stressful, little hope and way less fun than mine.

Tldr: fuck being ethical. Think about me first and aways bc life is only worth living if I live like that lol.

Edit: to be clear I'm not attacking anyone here I think all these mindsets are fine and I don't care. It just makes me depressed when I see people trying to take a path that if I took my life would be way worse and borderline worse than death. So I'm just trying to encourage people to make choices to make life desirable and reject the choice that is way harder but socially encouraged in anarchist spaces. Bc fuck the Anarcho social norm that prevents u from living a nicer life. Also I'm not saying u should be a manager or if that would be a choice I would make. Just I don't like the reasoning for why u r deciding.


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Yeah that's a pretty similar reason to why I wouldn't be a manager plus other stuff to. So we r in agreement lol