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I'll share a couple.

I enjoyed Leaves in Myth, Magic, and Medicine recently, it has short descriptions of many leaves (who could've guessed) and some brief history, uses, and comments about them.

The Inner Life of Animals is also a worthwhile read, I read that quite awhile ago though. I've been planning to read The Hidden Life of Trees ever since but have not gotten to it yet.

Extreme Ownership is another book I've read recently, it's about "leadership" and written by a former navy seal, but it contains some useful concepts that I believe can be incorporated into everyday life, and is not limited to use in "leadership". It had a lot of filler which I had no interest in but extracting the lessons he supposedly learned from the stories he told I thought was interesting. Highly recommend the audiobook on this one so you can tune out the pointless, exaggerated, stories of war in Iraq and zone back in when he finishes.

I haven't read it yet but I'm also looking forward to reading The Comfort Crisis which I believe is a relatively new book that I got a hard copy of not too long ago.



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Quicksilver wrote

I've got two suggestions.

The Dragonlance series, a classical high fantasy book series. My dad had the first book, and after reading that, just kept buying them as I found them, highly recommend if you like that genre.

Then there's the Abarat series by Clive Barker. Also fantasy, though a lot more fantastical and on the darker side. Mom had these ones and I loved them to death.

Both series are great fantasy in their own way


Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I read Babel-17 for fun, I don't really know what makes something not political but maybe that counts.