Best e-reader?

Submitted by notanaccout in books

What e-reader would you recommend me? It needs to be able to

  • read pdfs
  • read books that I download from the net
  • linux-compatible

What's your favorite e-reader? Are there any other features that I should look for?


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tnstaec wrote

No e-reader is great at PDFs, so you'll want one with a decent (not too laggy) zoom function.


ziq wrote

PDFs are a horrible format for ebooks tho. Best to convert them.


Enkara wrote (edited )

Kobo thirded, they are great. You can pick up minis/glo on Ebay for pretty cheap refurb I think I got a couple for ~25$ each a while back.

It's Linux and relatively hackable, got them to put debian on one but haven't gotten around to it yet.

You can transfer books with ssh <3

Also... backlit e-ink screens was something I didn't know I would adore until I started using one.


goatman93 wrote

I picked up a Kobo Aura One recently to replace my old Hanon ereader that I ran OpenInkpot on, specifically because of the native Pocket and Overdrive support. I've actually been loving it. I use Calibre to manage the ebooks I own to sync to the device, and Overdrive to borrow books from the library, it works like a charm. The only "advertising" on the device is the book recommendations from Kobo's own store, which is a little more tolerable than than Amazon's Kindle ad firehose that they use. The other nice feature is the LED backlight dims itself and tints itself red when it's later in the day, so you don't get eyestrain when reading at night. Now I can read late in the night without needing any lights on in the rest of my room 😃

Only thing I'd like is if it had a native Calibre network sync like FBReader on Android has, so I can keep my books synced like I have on my phone. In the mean time I just sync them to my computer then sync the Kobo, or even just manually go to the chapter I left off at.