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freiheit wrote

read thru the electric lit website... really depressing and easy to see how literature became trivial and disappeared... the uncareful closeness to a cultural superiority... the uncritical amusement of cleverness in the face of... finally the trivial and ultimate nothingness of middle class life... maybe literature will resurrect in w. africa...


freiheit wrote

Wow, i'd forgotten that people read... its been so long since I've enjoyed a book, I remember long hours with hand-rolled cigarettes, Duras, Balzac, Blanchot, Miller, Woolfe, Berger... I loved those times... I'm glad someone's still writing, though PEN seems so boojie... Eileen Myles, Michelle Tea, Chris Kraus... ah so bourgeois in this social system (Adorno)... maybe there can still be some poems, Fanny Howe...

Its been so long since I talked about the art of writing with any anarchists... I had an art film denied by the chicago anarchist film festival, that's the level of artistic discourse in our milieux... we haven't kept up with the state of the art (no thanks to the educational system, university and otherwise) the NY Times review seems positively juvenile.

The united states lost its literature in its class system...