Everyone should read Through The Eyes of a Stranger by Will Bonsall

Submitted by whipskid in books (edited )

Will Bonsall lives in the mountains of Maine on his permaculture homestead. His novel is visionary fiction of a post-collapse world in which a sustainable society has emerged. The protagonist is forced to flee his hometown (which is a capital agriculture-based town) at the beginning of the novel after he is falsely accused of a murder. He is then introduced to permaculture-based community. Because of the nature of his newcomer-ness to the town, the author is able to introduce the reader to many specifics about how this recovering/reborn society is able to function. Will Bonsall uses his amazing storytelling skill to brilliantly paint a vision of a future anarchist permaculture society.

A theme of the story is of the shared worldview this sustainable society has, and how it's integrated into every interaction. Yaro is a newcomer originally from a capital nation, and thus it takes him time to integrate and learn this vision. He then goes on to study and read history of the world collapse and develops a theory of how a capital society could change it's vision to a sustainable one.



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toocats wrote

Sounds awesome. Thanks for the rec. I nabbed a used copy from Thriftbooks. I'll post in here or in f/readingclub or somewhere once it arrives and I start digging into it.


rot wrote

this sounds amazing