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If you don't know why I post this look at this post I thought about just posting my notes as they are but honestly that would be super dry so I'm going to do my best to symthesize them.

Boardgame Storage Concepts

I play and own a lot of board games. For awhile I had an obsession around storage of boardgames (not the storing of boardgame boxes but of the actual games inside them). I had two separate priorities for this 1. save space (my shelf runneth over) 2. increased portability (you ever try carrying a duffel full of board games?) so these are some notes around that.

The Boardgame Briefcase

Short version I copied this person. Were I the person I am now I would have copied this person. (they use a regular briefcase way less bougie and way cheaper)

Basically broken token sells these wooden inserts for board games. They make one specifically to fit into a wooden art storage box(I think originally to hold dominion and all its expansion) You can buy the case with insert inside from them but it you want to do it significantly cheaper you buy the case from hobby lobby or something then buy the insert to assemble yourself. Anyway here are the links to those products (assumimg those links still work)

Anyway in my iteration I stuffed about 25-30 games into the case. My only complaint is if you dont pack the games near the front tightly its easy to close the lid on top of them. I could also use some better storage for my rulebooks and pieces like some tiny bags and some deckboxes. My tiles from Carcassone get everywhere.

I am at work but maybe I will post pictures later. pictures are fun.

another adjacent project worth checking out is this persons travel binder basically a bunch of print and play games in a binder.

The thing that would really set this over the top is doing what the actual brief case guy did and making a bunch of Print and Play boards



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