Weekly Sightings Thread - 4/26

Submitted by kore in birding

Post the birds you've seen this week here! Feel free to post any information about the sighting you want: where the bird was, what it was doing, how seeing the bird made you feel, anything!


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sand wrote

i heard this really weird chirp outside and i looked to see this really bright blue bird makin a strange as all heck racket and it was really cute

one day i'll learn bird names


kore wrote

idk where you are in the world but maybe indigo bunting?

bird names can easily just turn into "I know how to name this bird right and you don't." The fact of the matter is that anyone can see the same type of bird a few times and know they are seeing the same type of bird and begin to learn its behaviors without ever learning its "accepted" name.


snuggus wrote

My daughter begged me to take her around the "lake" (it's really just a glorified pond) and holy buckets there were some very classy birds there. They were way too fancy to be in this shitty pond. 10 loons, 2 pied billed grebes, one horned grebe, some ruddy ducks, 2 eastern bluebirds, a handful of goldeneyes, and 2 buffleheads. What the heck, get out of here you fancy birbs


kore wrote

just goes to show you that birds don't know that they're classy and they also don't know what a shitty pond is ;)


this_one wrote

I'm not really much of a birder, but I have friends who are. Anyway, I got glasses a few days ago, and oh boy are birds easy to tell apart now! I saw what I think was 3 eastern rosellas last time I went out looking for birds, and I'm pretty keen to go back around that spot to try and confirm what they were


kore wrote

i just saw some sparrows fucking going at it. It looked like a bunch of them were ganging up on one of them.


____deleted____ wrote (edited )

there was a bigass vulture eating a squirrel nearby they seemed pretty cool

sort of made me think about the circle of life and all in a more complex way that has escaped me by now


kore wrote

I saw some blue-gray gnatcatchers. They make a really quiet call that sounds like "seep seep seep". Probably the cutest bird song I've ever heard.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Yesterday I saw a borrowing owl early morning in a University's campus outside its nest. A security guard told me that he saw the hatchlings basking earlier too but the mother call them in just as he was to take a photo. I only saw one of the adults, couldn't manage a photo either.