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Lettuce wrote (edited )

Yeah I wrote a long ass letter to someone about how even in prison one is surrounding by life that doesn't respect the guards authority. From the cockroaches and rats who don't care about the barbwire or guards. The birds who fly over the walls. The grass who will grow unkept and untidy once the authority of the mower stops. Ect. I wrote like 4 pages on this topic. Tho that is almost certainly going into the prison censors bin so whatever. I'm not mad

Edit: I think it's an immensely comforting thing to believe bc most life eon earth lives in a way where they can't build up negative systems like humans. Very few animals have any respect for laws, moral sensibility, societal values, shaem, straightness, race ect. They live with relatively minimal hierarchy and often live their lives uncaring to hierarchy itself so they are constantly in conflict with it.

Which I find very enjoyable way to view the world. A place where almost any where there are allies crossing boarders and breaking laws to live their life in a free and joyful way from plant to animal to fungus.

Bc there aren't a ton of life that is Fighting for the things I'm opposed to. Their existence is a threat to it. And society largely programs one to be alienated by being blind to how many allies and xomplices are out there fuckin shit up every day.


fortmis wrote

damn that slaps

Especially this part, read it over a few times to get maximum flavour

Unfortunately, the idea that "Life" can't change for the better without a struggle is actually liberal as hell, in the classical sense that the "freedom" to struggle one way imposes all of the ensuing possibilities unto others who would otherwise be "free" to "choose" not to be completely subsumed by orchestrations of perpetual conflict. But furthermore, the idea that "Life" will change for the better with struggle is fashy as fuck.


ziq wrote (edited )

I haven't really followed whatever arguments you've gotten into, but from what I've seen it's sorta like you're going to a smurfs fan forum to attack smurfs fans and promote snorks instead, so i can see why people aren't being nice. if you're not an anarchist, just stick to the non-anarchist forums on raddle. it's not reasonable to promote authoritarianism to anarchists and then complain that they're annoyed by it

we have a resident tankie here (sudo) who knows to stay out of the anarchist forums and keep their authoritarian ideas to themself, and they've managed to get by for 6 years doing that


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm not really interested in arguing with a liberal, my post was meant solely for anarchists to read.

I don't expect liberals to understand these points, but anarchists should. Anarchists don't support apartheid police states and what Biden rules over is in fact, an apartheid police state. With more police killings of PoC than ever before, on his watch. He did that. He gave record funding to the police. He filled the streets with more racist jackbooted assassins than ever before. He armed them to the teeth with military hardware and sat back and watched as they carried out record extrajudicial killings. He ordered the mass incarceration of indigenous water protectors. He ordered record drilling and pipe-line building on federal (indigenous) land. He allowed Roe v. Wade to be overturned when he had a long list of options to prevent it. His party handed millions in funding to open neo-nazis all over the US so they could present themselves as a more reasonable alternative.

So you claiming USAmerican PoC are committing suicide by not voting, when the person you'd have them vote for has directly created the conditions for more institutional murder and imprisonment of black, latin and indigenous people than anyone in our lifetimes, is in fact, racist. It's an obtuse erasure of all the violence he has committed against PoC. Of the nazi's and transphobes in the Republican party they've spent $53 million in campaign financing to boost. Putting neo-nazi messaging all over the airwaves and social media - recruiting millions of people into white supremacy and queerphobia.

He's not a white savior, he's a lifelong white supremacist and a war criminal who was second in command of a regime that dropped more bombs on my region of the world than anyone in history. Dropped bombs on hospitals and schools, piled up more corpses than you can imagine. Literal genocide.

I didn't link to this post, and I don't want to fight with the American liberals that have cut out their own corner of Raddle. I expect liberals to be racist settler colonizers. I'm not interested in trying to change you. What I say to other anarchists isn't something I'd say to people who have zero awareness of what their country has done to the world or what it does to its own racial and ethnic minorities.

I made that post to push back against a specific group of people who were attacking anarchist non-electoralists, it was not meant to be read by non-anarchists. Non-anarchists of course have unbridled faith in electoralism. Anarchists have other methods to achieve our goals that don't depend on doing propaganda for a rightwing war criminal and hoping his police state spares us when it's shooting 1,176 Americans dead every year and countless more foreigners.


Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

And that was my mistake originally in thinking along those lines. I told people at the time I was a worrywart and don't like these answers because they make me feel unsafe. And then I get pressed into becoming a reverse genocidal, homicidal maniac because I'm not sure what values you guys espouse. But I think I get it? It's alright to bomb certain people, but not others and it's not alright to go any further? I don't know. I just want to understand and I don't understand seeing how you'll go to a certain limit, but then stop as if it's enough. But it's not enough. How are you supposed to end genocide with pinpoint bombs? I don't get it.

Uh? Who purged liberals? Everyone has been incredibly patient with the liberals, don't spread disinfo.

Sorry. I get dramatic. No one purged liberals. It just feels like some people here would be happy if we all left.


ziq wrote (edited )

How are anarchists supposed to solve 'abuse'? We're not wizards who can magically make abuse disappear. Asking anarchists for solutions to abstract problems doesn't make any sense because we're not lawmakers or jailers or therapists, we approach every problem as it arises and don't pretend to possess the authority to make grand proclamations about how different people around the world should handle interpersonal issues. Anarchy isn't prescriptive, it needs to be completely customized to each individual and group so they can reach their own solutions.

Edit to your edit:

And then you guys go on a purge of all liberals here so

Uh? Who purged liberals? Everyone has been incredibly patient with the liberals, don't spread disinfo.


Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

No one I guess, but why do you have to be so mean? I'm not trying to be adversarial per se, but you really make me want to be. It's literally why taunt me with this aggressiveness? Do you want me to lash out at you?

I literally just asked a while ago what was the anarchist answer to abuse and people had no answer. It pissed me off. And then you guys go on a purge of all liberals here so you can have your quiet bubble again I guess. But I'm getting tired and confused by the aggressive outbursts.


Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

Yes, but then when I try to show solidarity people tell me "no, go hang out with whitey and vote for him." Yes, I'm being annoying, but I'm annoyed. I don't even want half the things you guys accuse me of, but have backed me into a corner to own because you guys say there's a genocide going on (which there is), but then go hide out in the woods or throw some limp molotov into a freeway sound barrier. It all started because no one had a good answer on how to prevent domestic abuse other than "deal with it." I'm just feeling passive aggressive is all.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Tbh I think Lifestylists travel falls under tourism often. If u just go to a place to go see it that seems like tourism to me. I think anarchist travel is generally controdictory unless down very specificakky with a specific intent to gain an additional benefit.

Idk, just traveling to see the world seems like something that gives me bad vibes. And even if u have a purpose for going there. Tho I am mixed bc I wonder how much I hurt my politics by bit going to an area more populated by people who don't live the way I grew up which is developing racist white people with a mix of poor urban black people for a but and hopefully more in the future.

And tbh, even that I'm only really okay with bc it's close enough an I have family in that area so it feels more like me sticking around in my area that I have lives adjacent to rather than forsay if I went abroad to a nonwhite country which often gives me bad vibes due to power dynamics. And even then I'm not doing it for the purpose of seeing new places but economic necessity as I have been priced out of where I live now by agriculture companies.


kinshavo wrote

by Leftous

Uff, this was way before my time

I remember commenting on some thread about how tourism is latestge kapitalism (not so much travel though, travel can part of lifestylism)

I will try to chime in after checking the post, my own position is derivated from reading the zones texts from h.bey


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I was mostly going through threads on tourism and travel on raddle. Because sometimes I wonder if my anti travel views are more influenced by growing up in conservative rural town more than actual anarchist ideas. But tbh, it seems I'm right on the mark with being against traveling to places without a good purpose.