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nijntje wrote

such as, if you don't mind?


leftous wrote

The two I want to propose are:

  1. w/Disengagement - If two parties are engaged in a toxic feud, harassment, or targeted trolling: an agreement to "disengage" between the parties may be proposed by either party or members of the community. Think of it as the forum equivalent of a peace treaty between warring factions, or when more broadened a digital restraining order. This would help curb the amount of alts simply because their effectiveness at trolling or harassment would be immediately be rendered ineffective if they are required to disengage.

  2. Vouching or "Proof of Work" - I haven't fully thought this one through yet. But the idea is that we add to the voting requirements that a voting member must show they have participated in some initiative, propaganda/zine making, tech project,etc in order to get voting rights. Alternatively, a user can be vouched for by multiple voting members who have talked to them and verify they are a unique individual (or perhaps know them in person). This will make having alts far too tiresome since you'd need to socialize a lot on that account, or make a lot of contributions off-raddle.