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nijntje wrote

This is an interesting question:

Is a structurally broken place doomed to taint all the good apples it receives?

with a good answer:

But understanding things as structural problems is to understand that the whole tree is rotten, and that you don't get 'good apples' from a rotten tree. You get rid of the tree. I know it takes work to understand systemic problems - this is why I posted a very accessible book on the matter.

I haven't read the book but I gather it's about cops only? In how far do you reckon this "systemic problem --> burn the tree" works as a heuristic? (sorry for the gross oversimplification) When do you try to cure, when do you not? (e.g. cops you burn because it's a choice, being white you try to fix because it's not?)

for reference/disclosure i'm cis/white/male


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

if a cop betrays/leaves the force and joins us they're a good cop. If not, they are enemies serving our enemy and a threat to the non-privileged.

Anarchists aren't interested in avenging past actions, so if a cop betrays and isn't a piece of shit human, most of the time they would be accepted back in the community.


ziq wrote

this wasn't me btw, in case anyone was wondering.