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Lettuce wrote (edited )

Yeah I wrote a long ass letter to someone about how even in prison one is surrounding by life that doesn't respect the guards authority. From the cockroaches and rats who don't care about the barbwire or guards. The birds who fly over the walls. The grass who will grow unkept and untidy once the authority of the mower stops. Ect. I wrote like 4 pages on this topic. Tho that is almost certainly going into the prison censors bin so whatever. I'm not mad

Edit: I think it's an immensely comforting thing to believe bc most life eon earth lives in a way where they can't build up negative systems like humans. Very few animals have any respect for laws, moral sensibility, societal values, shaem, straightness, race ect. They live with relatively minimal hierarchy and often live their lives uncaring to hierarchy itself so they are constantly in conflict with it.

Which I find very enjoyable way to view the world. A place where almost any where there are allies crossing boarders and breaking laws to live their life in a free and joyful way from plant to animal to fungus.

Bc there aren't a ton of life that is Fighting for the things I'm opposed to. Their existence is a threat to it. And society largely programs one to be alienated by being blind to how many allies and xomplices are out there fuckin shit up every day.


fortmis OP wrote

and also some vegan stuff