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Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

No one I guess, but why do you have to be so mean? I'm not trying to be adversarial per se, but you really make me want to be. It's literally why taunt me with this aggressiveness? Do you want me to lash out at you?

I literally just asked a while ago what was the anarchist answer to abuse and people had no answer. It pissed me off. And then you guys go on a purge of all liberals here so you can have your quiet bubble again I guess. But I'm getting tired and confused by the aggressive outbursts.


ziq wrote (edited )

How are anarchists supposed to solve 'abuse'? We're not wizards who can magically make abuse disappear. Asking anarchists for solutions to abstract problems doesn't make any sense because we're not lawmakers or jailers or therapists, we approach every problem as it arises and don't pretend to possess the authority to make grand proclamations about how different people around the world should handle interpersonal issues. Anarchy isn't prescriptive, it needs to be completely customized to each individual and group so they can reach their own solutions.

Edit to your edit:

And then you guys go on a purge of all liberals here so

Uh? Who purged liberals? Everyone has been incredibly patient with the liberals, don't spread disinfo.


Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

And that was my mistake originally in thinking along those lines. I told people at the time I was a worrywart and don't like these answers because they make me feel unsafe. And then I get pressed into becoming a reverse genocidal, homicidal maniac because I'm not sure what values you guys espouse. But I think I get it? It's alright to bomb certain people, but not others and it's not alright to go any further? I don't know. I just want to understand and I don't understand seeing how you'll go to a certain limit, but then stop as if it's enough. But it's not enough. How are you supposed to end genocide with pinpoint bombs? I don't get it.

Uh? Who purged liberals? Everyone has been incredibly patient with the liberals, don't spread disinfo.

Sorry. I get dramatic. No one purged liberals. It just feels like some people here would be happy if we all left.


ziq wrote

I don't understand any of what you're saying. You can't refer to conversations you had with people in the past and assume the people in this post know what you're talking about.


Crown_of_Ice wrote (edited )

Sorry I just don't know how else to refer to the concerns I have. I would just like it for people to not tell me to stfu anymore especially when I say something nice in support of others.


ziq wrote (edited )

I haven't really followed whatever arguments you've gotten into, but from what I've seen it's sorta like you're going to a smurfs fan forum to attack smurfs fans and promote snorks instead, so i can see why people aren't being nice. if you're not an anarchist, just stick to the non-anarchist forums on raddle. it's not reasonable to promote authoritarianism to anarchists and then complain that they're annoyed by it

we have a resident tankie here (sudo) who knows to stay out of the anarchist forums and keep their authoritarian ideas to themself, and they've managed to get by for 6 years doing that