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kinshavo wrote

by Leftous

Uff, this was way before my time

I remember commenting on some thread about how tourism is latestge kapitalism (not so much travel though, travel can part of lifestylism)

I will try to chime in after checking the post, my own position is derivated from reading the zones texts from h.bey


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Tbh I think Lifestylists travel falls under tourism often. If u just go to a place to go see it that seems like tourism to me. I think anarchist travel is generally controdictory unless down very specificakky with a specific intent to gain an additional benefit.

Idk, just traveling to see the world seems like something that gives me bad vibes. And even if u have a purpose for going there. Tho I am mixed bc I wonder how much I hurt my politics by bit going to an area more populated by people who don't live the way I grew up which is developing racist white people with a mix of poor urban black people for a but and hopefully more in the future.

And tbh, even that I'm only really okay with bc it's close enough an I have family in that area so it feels more like me sticking around in my area that I have lives adjacent to rather than forsay if I went abroad to a nonwhite country which often gives me bad vibes due to power dynamics. And even then I'm not doing it for the purpose of seeing new places but economic necessity as I have been priced out of where I live now by agriculture companies.