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TonyTheAnarchist wrote

Okay, comrade. If you're going to claim to be an anarchist then you simply can't go around saying stuff like that, even jokingly, because if you want to be an anarchist, you have to care a whole lot more than the average person, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard, because if anarchists don't care, who will care? Who?? This whole nihilist apathetic every man for himself attitude is why I stopped coming here and it obviously trickles down from the very top if you're one of the leaders. Why would you want to make the users think you don't care? To think anarchists don't care? What kind of backwards uncaring message are you putting out into the world?


zoom_zip wrote

i agree tony.

ignore ziq. he is a well known troll. we’d ban him if we could but we haven’t been able to come to consensus on it yet. still… give it one or two more years and he’s probably out of here.

until then, all we can do is try and re-educate him. i send him a chapter from the bread book in private message every day. you should do the same.


mima wrote

consensus is anti-democratic, comrade. it caters to minorities. who cares about minorities? fuck them. they are bourgeois. power to the people! and by people, i mean majority.