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_caspar_ wrote

"Deeper still is what I consider the core anti-authoritarian principle that is the seed of anarchist everything. The overthrow of external impositions, (rejection of impositions from Outside, transcendent things). The consequences of the are very far-reaching, for how we understand being subjects, for how we apprehend being, it literally changes the structure of our thought, or in Deleuze’s terms, it is the abolishing of the 'dogmatic image of thought', which is in simple terms how the form of our thought itself is authoritarian and justifies authority (Deleuze calls it State Thought). ...

...I have a friend who’s writing about it right now and I’m going to publish that thing on the anarchist library first chance I get. But it’s supposed to be like a book-length thing lol."

does anyone know about this? /u/An_Old_Big_Tree hasnt posted in months apparently.


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

Yeah I know about it, and the person who wrote it the long piece referred to.

They have some reasons for not showing anybody yet but it'll be uploaded probably any time from now to a few months from now.

I'll probably announce it here when they do since I know a few people here are interested in it.