Bans in /f/axolotl

Username Reason Banned Expires
tengizpine Off topic Never
Theistoic Off topic Never
Emeraldagaleazzi Not an axolotl fan Never
Gonewiththesin69 Off topic Never
GetANewJob go away Never
!deleted29327 trying to doxx Never
75_percent_not_Titan titan Never
not_Titan titan Never
Moss working class off limits Never
!deleted22131 Abusive scumbag Never
Tequila_tastes_like_ass Piece of shit ban evader Never
sirsnakez ban evasion Never
monabip648 Ban evasion Never
!deleted9846 mocking people who use drugs, have criminal records Never
!deleted23599 fatphobia, ableism, slut-shaming Never
scotch_cigars harassment Never
Storytime titan Never
pejeh58677 obvious ban evasion Never
yiheto5713 Spam,ban evasion Never
stefany spam / no selling Never
bombastershop_pro SEO spam Never
!deleted23510 spam Never
KFC_watermelon racist troll Never
simianthrope Violation of ToS Never
Person troll Never