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pullupfighter wrote

Yea, but the problem is, I've been a "suspect" in a crime that was on the news. Needless to say, they had an update in the news to an arrest in the case, they winded up arresting the "wrong" person do to facial recognition.

So seeing that some states our out lawing FR cameras right now. Seeing that facial recognition cameras are not accurate (from my own personal exp.)

How many wrongful arrest lawsuits will it take before they disappear?

And an even better question, who exactly are these FR cameras going to be able to catch? How are they matching them? To what database? State ID's or Drivers License? If that's the case, I haven't had a state ID, state Drivers License, nor been to any government offices in over 10 years. Knock on Wood, if I go get an ID or License, I'll get a ticket. But in 10 years without one, I've never been pulled over, because I drive more cautious and follow the traffic laws for the most part. I'll pay a no dl ticket before I give the government all my information and having them run be through "FR Camera Databases" that are unlawful. If they don't have to follow the law, do you seriously expect criminals to follow the law?

So again, the question comes down to, are they matching these FR's to state id's and dl's, because I'm sure they are. If that's the case, they are wasting a lot of money on trying to find me.