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Hey all. New here but been involved in the game for quite a while. Started off with lifting CDs and video games when I was 13-14. Eventually got busted at Target lifting a video game. Just got banned from the store, nothing serious. Eventually moved away from that city and stopped lifting for a few years. At 16 got a job at Wally World and would lift snacks sometimes during my shifts, nothing too interesting. Left that job after I graduated Uni cause I got a big boy job. At 23 I started getting the urge again and started up again. Started doing the whole Amazon thing. DNAd a laptop, camera, couple guitars, shoes. Also would hit a local outdoor store and lift clothing and other running gear. Currently just been lifting odds and ends from grocery stores. Recently got a new pair of shoes from Nike that DNAd. I don’t know why I do it. I like the thrill I guess. I don’t sell anything I lift nor do I need it. We are what we are.



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TopoGigio wrote

I've never tried a DNA. That still works these days on AMZN?