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New idea needs validation / shoplifting

seems too easy so I may be missing some point. It works great on big department stores specially clothing and if u live in a big city where there are multiple of the same store across the city, even better. It goes on like this

  1. Jack goes to store A and buys 500 usd worth of clothing.
  2. On another day and another store, he goes shopping again, picks the same clothes as he picked last time and the new ones he will be exchanging for.
  3. Jack performs it in 3 different stores , so by the end, he will have 2000 usd worth of merch at home which he will sell and profit for 70 or 80% of the original value.

I am assuming that I if I bought clothes and I get home and didn’t like it, I have the right to go back to the store and “exchange “ it as many times as I want, right?



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TopoGigio wrote

I don't understand what you're saying. Are you wondering if you can exchange cheap clothing for expensive clothing at another store? I don't know any store that allows that.