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So I’ve been doing this method for a couple years. Walk into a grocery store with a tote bag and grab a hand basket. Throw bulky & inexpensive items into the basket i.e. eggs, milk, bread etc. CONFIDENTLY put more expensive items i.e. meat, chicken, body wash, deodorant into the tote bag. Go to checkout pay for the stuff in the basket. If by any chance you are stopped at the door there are 2 measures you can take. 1. Refuse to give permission by saying that’s your bag and you have your private and personal property in it. 2. Play stupid and use plausible deniability. Say ‘I’m sorry, I meant to pay for the items but I’m on a rushed schedule and I forgot.’ You see people go into grocery stores with tote bags all the time, so it shouldn’t raise any red flags to begin with. $70 grocery trip just went down to $30. Use the money you saved on the shit you were gonna buy anyway and spend it on that speaker from Best Buy you’ve been wanting for a while.



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DingDong wrote

Similar to what I do for lifting groceries. I always use WhaleMurt, ill go in and ill buy like 3 inexpensive things I know I need anyway at self checkout, and put each thing in it's own individual bag (so there's obviously a bunch of empty space in the bags). Then ill go back like I forgot to buy something, and just slip items into the bags so it looks like they've already been paid for. Then just walk out the exit opposite the self-checkout. Snag like over $100 of food for around $10.


TopoGigio wrote

I mainly lift from grocery stores. I just find stores that don't have receipt checkers and just walk out. I've had good success in wealthy neighborhoods. I usually go when it's really busy like on a Saturday afternoon and make sure I have an old receipt. Usually there's a pharmacy, so I try to walk in a way that it looks like I purchased my items using the pharmacy since you can checkout there too.