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SideshowBob1534 wrote

No it's super easy to steal food I used to live right next to a Walmart and would go in at least twice a week while everyone was stocking groceries and would go to the freezer aisles and open my backpack and put bags of chicken nuggets, hot pockets, chips, Gatorades and candy in my bag then to cover I'd by an $0.80 Powerade to make it seem like I wasn't doing anything but no potato chips are not source tagged or tagged in any way once you leave both sets of doors and make it outside the store with food of any kind they can't do anything because they can't restock any food that's left the store and they're not supposed to chase you once you've left the store they can get your license plate number so be careful Walmart normally doesn't press charges but depending on whos working LP they might but usually you'll just get yourself banned from that particular location for 6 months or so and if you're a minor meaning under 18 you won't be allowed back in the store without a parent or legal guardian stealing chips should be easy just go to a Walmart with a garden center and have an old receipt that's still in good shape and bring a few bags that are still in decent shape and you should easily be able to walk out the garden center without anyone stopping you and if they do you can just tell them that there's no law that requires you to show a receipt and worse comes to worse you'll have to push the person out of the way and leave the premises asap