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HeyItsMeTheE wrote

ive actually been thinking of different ideas and scenarios about the same thing for months now. From all the intel ive gathered from various stores and their paticular inventory , test ride policies, it seems that Dicks sporting goods is the answer. They have a pretty decent mountain bike (GT Aggressor Pro) and a few ok road bikes. They offered to let me test ride it around the store. So basically park ur vehicle nowhere near dicks, go in ask to test ride, ride to the front of the store and proceed on out the door quickly, if asked anything by cashier (would be a great idea to do this whole thing during busiest time of day/day of the week) just say quickly that the manager told you that you were allowed a test ride and that you will brb. Haul ass outta there and get lost quick. Personally, i would find the first GOOD place to hide the bike then come back with vehicle, chunk it in the back. This can be done pretty easily even with a car bc the few of the more expensive bikes have quick release wheels.