Submitted by Pooperplop in axolotl

Go to large shopping mall with a cinema within walking distance. Go to the cinema and get the largest popcorn bucket available, just the bucket no popcorn. Make fake base and glue it 1 inch from top of bucket. Put a handful of popcorn on the base so it appears you have a full bucket of popcorn, when really you have a hollow popcorn bucket. Now cut a slit in the hollow popcorn bucket and go to any store. You can put as much as you can fit in there and they will assume its just popcorn.



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ShopNSteal wrote

Wait, how would you get the popcorn without paying for it? Hmm


compulsiveaddict wrote

Yeah... except wouldn’t they find it weird that you’re walking around in their store with a big ass “full” popcorn bucket? Seems like enough to make them watch you just out of curiosity alone. 🤣