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I have recently had terrible insomnia. I was cycling through a different drugs, Ambien, Lunesta, Xanax.... Where I messed up was I did not dispose of the drugs that did not work for me.

The bad news.... I woke up this morning with a generator in my kitchen. It still has the spider wrap on it. No one has a key to my place. The best scenario I can come up with is that I took a quarter bar of Xanax last night. Some time during the night I got up and took an extra 20-40mg of Ambien. I am also guessing I drove to an HD and came back home with a generator. I looked up the model and it appears to be availabe at HD,.

What really baffles me is that I can barely pickup the generator by myself. I don't understand how I would have loaded that onto a cart, got it into the back of my truck, and then been able to move it into the house. The box is intact so I did not drag it across the concrete into the house.

This has wrecked my whole day not knowing what or how I pulled this off.

On the plus side I did need a generator.



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SneakyGit wrote (edited )

I’ve done so much strange/stupid shit on ambien and I’ve made horrible big life decisions while on benzos (break up with GF, quit job, get pets, etc). But thankfully I’ve never sleep drove, that’s scary shit man. These days I take Trazadone as a sleep aid, works pretty good.


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

I was on trazadone for a few days. It leaves this metallic taste in everything. I am actually off Ambien but did not dispose of them. They are gone now!