Submitted by june in axolotl (edited )

Beginner/very simple strategy for lifting with an accomplice

Basically have the partner go into the store first. Have them be suspicious, do everything a shoplifter shouldn't do (look up at the ceiling, act nervous, fleeting eyes, look into the fitting rooms to see if anyone's there) and purposely attract LP if there are any on the floor.

They should actually be gathering info for you and text it to you (where cameras are located, where potential blind spots are, general store layout, whether or not fitting rooms are monitored, about how many LP are following them) and then you go in a little while afterwards (but while they're still in store attracting LP) and do your thing. Obviously the partner should not take anything and just attract LP attention.



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Sauce2 wrote

Full cart walk outs are the way to go with a partner. You should be in the store filling up before your sketch comes in. This method works great for figuring out who LP is as well.