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ziq wrote (edited )

I remember last year the site owner celebrated f/shoplifting overtaking the number one spot on this site

Never happened.

which admin deleted f/shoplifting? I left a dummy forum there so a random liberal wouldn't re-create it and so all our search engine traffic would still come in (it all comes from 'shoplifting forum').

op is now banned for slurs btw

Edit: I remade it instead of waiting for a reply so we don't get delisted by the search engines in the meantime. The site is slow enough after the last exodus without us losing all the search engine traffic too.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Oh I see. Yeah I deleted it since people were still posting to it and it seemed easier just to delete the whole thing. But if you wanna do the search engine thing feel welcome to set it back up.


Torskion wrote

Man, I love this drama. Seeing how everyone cares so much about things that are tangential to shoplifting and illegalist thought makes me wanna munch some popcorn.


Sauce2 wrote (edited )

I mean hell I’ll keep my comments about this actual site to myself mostly from now on but I do honestly think it’s silly you have a bunch of people preaching anarchy/fuck capitalism from behind screens while the people on this forum do actual monetary damage to the corporations so hated by the rest of raddle. Typing up a long essay about queer rights for 6 people to read is much less effective then walking out the front door of a hobby lobby with a LEGO set. At least in my opinion.

But here we are. It’s kind of like breaking up with a long time partner you lived with. We are living back at our parents house now and even though their rules suck we just have to oblige. This is our home now and they are nice enough to let us be here. Just follow the rules and discuss lifting. Let it be


IllegalistCop wrote

I'm seriously making this into a meme. Stealing Legos is how we help the gays.