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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

This could really use a tag or something. Method for what? I can't tell unless I look at the body of the post.


xlrphonie wrote

The comments on that video are hilarious lol


Chini wrote

Hey OP! I couldn't help but notice your discovery. I made a contraption similar to this a long time ago (r/shoplifting era) it works but what I did is I attached the retractable thingy on my arms and I put an adhesive tape on the end. I stick that shit on a deodorant and it pulled it inside my sleeves. I call my contraption the "Reverse De Niro" cause its like the contraption on deniro's arms on the movie taxi driver but in reverse! Sorry for bad English. Goodluck OP!


Sauce2 wrote

High posts are best posts. Hopefully this post is watched by all. Any shoplifter will do themselves good to learn how “magic tricks” and deception works.