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happymama wrote

I've had a lot of success with Nordstrom Rack, JC Penney, Dick's Sporting Goods, Carter's for my toddler, Gap, Macy's (mostly cosmetics and underwear), Victoria's Secret (gotta search a bit for untagged stuff there tho), a boutique at the mall that doesn't tag any of their stuff, Costco since mine doesn't have any cameras and I just stuff clothes in my diaper bag, and a bit at Walmart and Target. Have only done the last two like 2 times though. Usually fancier more expensive stuff is tagged so I don't really get myself designer clothes but I don't care for them. Just want to dress myself well without spending $15 on a shirt or $50 on a dress. I suggest walking around the mall and acting like you're window shopping and go into the stores that you're interested in and see which ones have tagged clothes and which don't. Takes a bit of searching but it's definitely worth it! Good luck! Don't get caught!!!! ✌🏻