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6c_6f_76_65 wrote

As I understand it...... it is a yes and no kind of answer. Can you be stopped, absolutely. An employee can do anything they want. Will they stop you.... that is pretty unlikely. Most stores have a policy to only stop you while you are actively lifting. However, if LP recognize you from a previous lift, successful or not, they will approach you and ask you to leave the store . This will usually be followed by a trespass. If they have you on camera concealing or leaving the store they will just turn the information over to PD to process.

To be safe you should not lift from the same store in such a short period of time.


Torskion wrote

From what I've noticed on the LP subreddit, they seem to treat previous, uncaught, lifters as people of interest. I.e. they'll just pay way more attention to you in the hopes that when you do lift they'll catch you and then they'll be able to turn you in.


bioisme wrote

if it's a store that builds cases: perhaps, but i think they need to see you lift agian. if not, wear a wig and go back fuck it


LuckyluckLuden wrote

You’re probably fine, as long as you don’t think they knew you took it or got you on camera. Most stores won’t go after you after the fact unless thy have solid evidence