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Henlo ! I'd had never taken anything before in my life and was quite terrified to do so until about a week ago. When unloading groceries from walmart I had found I hadn't paid for a box of milkduds. As someone who gets sick over every dollar spent, and whos snap has been reduced to $50 a month in a household that has the least money we've ever had, just having that one tiny tiny thing I didn't have to financially worry about was wonderful. So much so, that on my next trip I made a split decision at the self checkout - I had taken a few items out of the cart to scan and had sat down just a simple tube of Great Value pringles near the bags, after having bagged several items I picked up the tube, glanced at the screen to see if I had payed for them yet, figured that I probably hadn't - and put them in the bag with the rest anyway. It was just another dollar item, but everytime I have a few chips I feel very determined. Now after reading a bit here I realized it might not have been the best way to go about it. But!

I'm more than tired of starving all my life and am set on changing that. According to the master list Dollar Tree has no cameras, LP, or tagging, and is a great starting place, but I have a few questions. If I'm concealing can I also buy an item as well or is this ill advised? When I run in for something my family expects that I come out with said item. How many things should I take in one visit? I'm very eager and want to grab more than one thing on my first go! My family and I go to all the surrounding locations often, do I need to take a break from a location after lifting from there even though it's just the dollar tree? How frequently do you think I could take items?

Sorry for the long post, I wanted to share somewhere I wouldn't get frowned at, and thank you in advanced for your help I am very hungry



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TopoGigio wrote (edited )

Don't steal from WM. Go for the dollar store instead to get used to it. At the dollar store I typically buy a drink and put some other small item in my jacket pocket or pants pocket. If the worker seems really tired, I'll give them the drink I just bought (if they want it).

Sometimes my local dollar store gets really, really busy and the lines are insanely long. In that case, I just take one or two items and walk out. I don't do that often though.