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I’m a commercial plumber. I get paid decently. But during a lunch break I went to Wally World and concealed a few Apple accessories. My coworker who also lifts called me and said there were a shit ton of cops outside.

I dumped the items, bought my lunch, and attempted to leave. A lvl 3 LP mage approached me from behind and said I had his merchandise.

Long story short I end up in the LP office with the smuggest attitude of all time... until I realize I had been selling weed all day at work and I still had 8 grams on me.


Luckily, I was allowed to leave because I demanded the police not search my things and they found no merchandise, only weed.

I asked if they could give the weed back. They gave me the obvious answer. I said thanks anyways.

I never get stopped or alert LP in the slightest. So I truly believe my biggest mistake was being a black guy wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a backpack (which I totally forgot I even had on and is where the weed was stashed).

I never bring bags into stores unless the staff is completely incompetent at LP.



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shrug wrote

What a waste of good weed. Sorry that happened to you!