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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I think this sub needs to move beyond conceal and slight of hand tricks. AI and facial recognition is about to wreck our world pretty hard and very fast. If anyone ever followed user/mojomanDC/ from reddit we need to adopt a lot of his strategy. If anyone here ever got invited /r/prolifters shoot me a DM. I am going to see about pulling most of threads and start posting it here.

These are interesting moves I hope that you get to make!


gonedownhill wrote

It's already fucked up and not just because u/theif left. All the pro lifters are gone. The last few weeks alone have made sure that they either get banned or just quit posting.


Pop wrote

you're a user who has been around 2 hours but you think raddle has gone down hill

which means you're a long time user with a new account

which means you're either using an alt or you're a ban evader

given how you're complaining, you're likely the latter

enjoy being see through


j0hn_d0e wrote

I agree that we should follow the rules if we want to have a strong shoplifting community on this site. Facial Recognition is evolving and before we know it shoplifting might be impossible or not worth the risk. If we can stick together and exploit flaws in new security technology, we have a chance of keeping shoplifting around. On the topic of Reddit, I noticed that the shoplifting scene is still around on r/illegallifeprotips but quality posts are rare. If anyone doesn't like raddle's rules on language, go back to Reddit and post it there.


168352 wrote

Why not just make a server on Discord?