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j0hn_d0e wrote

Raddle is a school of anarchy run by PC principal and I only signed up for the crime classes. I don't want to be expelled, so I'll follow the rules.


hasbrochem wrote (edited )

what's hilarious is that you're complaining about something that you yourself aren't doing. rather than talk about subverting the corporate class, you want to moan about not being able to be a bigot. hahahaha dipshit

downvoting doesn't do shit. the more you all contribute to a thread bemoaning the lack of FREEZE PEACH!!! the higher it gets pushed to the front page. so by all means, complain while you contribute to the problem you're trying to make fun of.

if the loudmouth fucks like yourself keep this up, you'll find yourselves homeless once again. it's a shame because shoplifting is an important part of subverting capitalism (even if some of those here are bootlicking class traitor informants that work with pigs and should look up cognitive dissonance) and it really would be a shame to punish those who aren't bigoted pieces of shit because the rest of you are too narrow minded to understand how not to be fucking shit heads and bigots.

carry on. just don't complain when you've lost yet another home. then again, not like you're contributing anything of substance other than bemoaning your lack of being able to be an open bigot. good for you. way to stand up for what you believe in. now go lick a boot. that shit doesn't clean itself.

yeah, I know I don't contribute either, other than to mock bigots like yourself. but that's the difference, I don't pretend to be something I'm not. I've learned a lot from this forum so it'll be a shame, a bit of a laughing shame honestly, if this place gets shut down. so go on. keep bigotting away. it's what you're good at after all.

/u/ziq's comment about this just so you can have a little more...awareness

Edit: oh no, don't downvote me!!! Help help, my FREEZE PEACH!!!!! ah hahahaha!!!!!