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Defasher moderator wrote

paranoia is a bitch

Change this to "paranoia is a fuck" or something or I'll have to delete your post for misogyny.


[deleted] wrote


An_Old_Big_Tree admin wrote

Nope. "Lower class" people are able (often more than others) to not be assholes to other people. The normalisation of misogynistic words and their generalisation to broader contexts does not mean that they are no longer misogynist, just that the society as a whole is so pervasively misogynist that we associate women with badness in even more general ways.

(forgive me, I have a lot to do or I would craft this response better)

Three day sitewide ban with a warning towards a permanent sitewide ban.


c0pdislik3r_ wrote

This is patronizing, it seems you’re saying anyone who’s lower class cannot learn or change their behaviors.


YourJoke wrote

Barcodes will only set of the alarms in canada uk and us