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Okay so i’m a guy and I really don’t have the $$ to buy clothes atm. I’ve stolen with a backpack but I had to back out too many times because workers get really sus. I don’t want to bring a purse around, but I want to lift from mall-type stores (/ans, d!cks, pac5un) also does anyone know how i can lift nice shoes?? any help appreciated, thanks!!!

edit: i do have those hook detacher as well as a magnet. just don’t know where to put the clothes i want



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dontneeditjustwantit wrote

I go early for shoes before lps begin their shift. Stores that have early lps like Macy's I try to conceal in the dressing room. They began to count my items so I countered by going in with a friend at the same time. We both go into the dressing rooms. I get my items ready he just waits for my text. We switch dressing rooms very quietly he brings his clothes into my room. I wait a second then just calmly walk out the dressing rooms straight out the store. He gives me enough time to get away and he doesn't take anything. You can't do this often so make it count and don't go back right away.


Ivymetro wrote (edited )

Im a man and lift clothes often.

I Use a messenger bag and carry a skateboard.

Use gymbag with gym pants and tshirt.

Backpack with constrution clothes. Like you on your way home from work.

Dress fancy and use regular bags from shops. Like you are out shopping

Just make it look like you have a reason to carry your bag.

Shoes. I usually go to a thrift shop and buy cheap shoes. For 5 dollars. Go to a store. Put on new shoes. Leave the old ones and walk out


Torskion wrote

First deal, look nice when you enter. Shave, bathe, clean clothes, etc. Wear somewhat loose clothing.

Grab what you want off the rack and then quite a bit more. Go into the fitting room and put what you want on and then your baggy clothing over. I wouldn't risk more than two or three items. And then walk out, simple as that.

(Needless to say remove the tags or cut them off)