Submitted by redrabbit in axolotl

Hello everyone! I’m in the market for some very expensive beauty products but I’m not willing to risk my ass in Sephora. Where do you like to acquire high-end makeup? How do you prefer to take them? All advice welcome! Thank you!



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FreeIsForMe wrote

Sephora has been a charm. Easy to hide a palette under your phone, walk around for a few seconds like you're browsing then get out.


Trust_wh0m wrote

I take many of the testers from Sephora.

After gathering the items I want, I ask for the help of an employee to make me a sample of something else and follow her to the “try on” area. While talking with her after she gives me the samples, I nonchalantly place the testers in my purse along with the bags they put the samples in. I feel like this move deters security from watching me since I am talking directly with an employee. Be nice, and then get out.


Satanicslave666 wrote

Sephora and Ulta are pretty easy peasy for me. I usually hit the stores in my hometown every 2 months. I travel to a big city and hit them every month. I have not paid for any makeup in the past 3 years.