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compulsiveaddict wrote (edited )

I go to DB art supplies. They’re usually pretty easy. They have cameras (not sure if monitored) but quite a few blind spots. I always find a blind aisle and conceal a handful of stuff in my bag at a time, and always buy something before I leave. Over the past few months I’ve acquired a total of 80 oil/acrylic brushes, mountains of small (37 ml) and large(200 ml) tube acrylic and oil paints, sketch books and at last count, over 100 copics.

Edit: Forgot to mention I also have quite the collection of large oil sticks too. Gonna start selling those soon.


compulsiveaddict wrote

Also, don't necessarily discount Michael's. I was at one of them and they had a locked case full of copics in the paint/markers section. However, when I went up to it, the case wasn't even properly locked, the door was just shut. I was able to open it right up and select whatever colors I wanted.

Not saying all the employees at Michaels will be that lazy, but you may find a location where they are.


Bbutton wrote

I have been collecting and saving up water colour palattes. $40 each and they are small


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Stickyfingersu wrote

Palates are sets of watercolors in usually a flat container with each color in a separate lil compartment. They're the solid type of watercolor that turns into paint when water is present.


Trust_wh0m wrote

Thought this was for actual art, not supplies, and grew excited.

The thing is, most decent art supply stores know their clientele has a lot of poor artists, so they really crack down on their security. On the flipside, many employees are also fellow broke artists, and don’t really care.

Not sure where you live, but Michaels has some pretty great stock. I wouldn’t go crazy in one day, but over time, all those brushes and paint and materials can add up.

I found a local michaels that didn’t monitor their paper aisle. Yet they also put their pricy adhesive paper in that section, and I made off with hundreds of dollars worth of it, a couple different times.


Stickyfingersu wrote

What are you interested in going after specifically?