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opera_detective wrote

I've been to a Guitar Center before, not with the intention of lifting something though. How do you know it's a gold mine if you don't know how easy it is? Seems like it would be relatively difficult from my brief assessment.


Thephilosopherstoner OP wrote

The stuff is high dollar and since I know plenty of bands that would buy all of them if I did lift a couple


LikeAThiefInTheNight wrote

I stole a Numark. A $400 mic. Two mixers. And a mic stand. It’s do-able. Just know your stores layout, get a feel of the staff, and time it right. Get them while they’re demoing something or with a customer. I usually bring in a reusable bag and conceal then put the box back.


TopoGigio wrote

I steal my guitar strings from them. Those are really easy.