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5fingersofdeath wrote

Lol Tvs are dead. You can buy a 55+ for 400 now. Plus everyone has one

iPads cellphones designer items are high risk reward


opera_detective wrote (edited )

Nothing really compares to Apple TVs, Airpods. Apple Pencils, Watches, etc. right now in terms of how easy they are to flip and how close to retail price you get for them. All of those items are relatively easy to lift at the right Apple store and you can quickly flip on craigslist or somewhere similar for 80% of original price.


ladylift wrote (edited )

designer bags. go like hot cakes online or locally. if im having trouble getting rid of it i sell it to a thrift store where they pretty much get it for pennies on the dollar but no matter what i can turn it into cash.


in2u4ia wrote

I do primarily tools. High value and quick to flip. Got 12 3500 watt inverter/generators @ 700ea in 10min..