Submitted by psquadlifter in axolotl

i'm interested in poking my head into a certain blue store's backroom to grab a couple games (not the really blue one - the shitty blue one whose employees are on food stamps). i tend to go to this store in the middle of the night, around 2-4 AM, and the floor is almost always dead and i'll only see a handful of staffers, so i doubt there's much going on back there. anyone have any experience going in?



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opera_detective wrote

Yeah all you need is a construction hardhat, a yellow safety vest and a toolbelt. Low level store employees never hassle you. Just look like some electrician or plumber who's fixing stuff on the night shift. If anyone asks a question about what you're doing, just give them the name of some local construction company and tell them your boss told you to. Even a random made up story is perfectly believable unless someone starts doing serious investigation.