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Alright so I am a teen and im tryna get airpods, I have been to my local Walmart but no luck as they dont sell them there for some reason then I went to best buy and they had them only behind the counter, so I am thinking about going to a apple store which is in a mall but I dont know if they leave them out in Canada, there is not much apple stores near me but one at a mall not sure if they behind shelves though. So my question is do any of you have experience with an apple store in a mall? do they leave their airpods out to grab?



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Noambition wrote

I walked by our Apple store today because I’m looking for these as well and saw a big security guy in there. I haven’t noticed him before so don’t know if it’s because of the start of the weekend and maybe I’ve been there before on weekdays or if they have been getting hit lately. It worked for me though. I kept walking and didn’t go in so he’s worth whatever they are paying him as far as being a deterrent.


bruhmoments OP wrote

Yeah I am not too worried about guards more as they can always be distracted (hopefully) I just want the airpods not to be behind the counter or case as you would have to ask a employee and they gonna keep an eagle eye on you yikes lol thanks for the help though. gonna think of what my next step should be.