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opera_detective wrote

Wait until clerk is distracted, conceal in a sweater or bag. My advice would be to say a prayer first and keep your fingers crossed, that's a tough lift to pull off.

Seriously though, in my experience grocery stores are 10x better for lifting booze from (even if they have a security guard in store). Usually no one actively watching the inventory under normal circumstances. Really easy to just toss a bottle in a reusable grocery bag in your cart or basket and then walk out. You're also not causing problems for the people working there, unlike when you steal liquor from a small independent convenience store.


silbaruran OP wrote

any nationwide chains you recommend? Do you think it will be harder because I'm underage?


opera_detective wrote

I find VONS to be pretty easy, they're owned by Albertsons so I would assume they're pretty easy also. Usually only have one security guard wandering around the store or standing at one of the doors.

It will be a little harder because you're underage, it looks suspicious for you to be standing in the alcohol aisle. Focus on making sure you do it when no one is in the aisle and also make sure you're in and out as quick as possible. The less time you're in that aisle the less time you look suspicious.

One possible idea is to follow behind an adult walking down the alcohol aisle. Like try and make it look as though you're their child. That way no one will look twice at you being in the alcohol aisle. You can also use that person to create a blind spot to make it easier to conceal.