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Just to let you guys know I haven’t shoplifted in years. I started shop lifting when I was around 9 I use to play with these toys called tech decks which were little skate boards that you used with your fingers. These tech decks were about 3 quid a pop and my mum said she wasn’t going to keep buying me ones cause I already had one (lol) but one time I was with a friend and he said hide it under your coat and it went off from there I started stealing loads (only tech decks mind) then the inevitable happened we got to braisen and got caught because we were opening them outside the shop ( I know rookie error) and we got caught by the employees and to add to the bad luck my dad came around the corner and I was banned from playing out with my friend haha. After that I used to steal pick and mix (sweets) from Sainsbury’s (from the uk btw) then years later at upper school we used to steal from Asda by using the method we called the deed (I know cringey right) what we would do is go to self checkout and put our school bags where you would put the shopping before scanning it we’d then scan the items we wanted to buy but left the items we were going to steal next to our bag then when we had finished scanning we would put the items back in the area where you put the items before scanning and then just shoved them in the bag (never got caught). Haha well that’s about it for my career as a shopnlifter I just wanted to know how all of your careers started.



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Satanicslave666 wrote

It started when I stopped taking prescription drugs for pain. I need that "thrill feeling". So yea I traded one addiction for another.


Dee82 wrote

About 5yrs old I'm mid 30s now.


jerkface37 wrote (edited )

Well I haven't started yet, but I'm well on my way. I'm going to do it the best way I can to reduce getting caught so I'm doing homework as well as making some homemade store bags for each store I go into.

Anyways, on to the point. I basically have been getting fucked any which way you look at it for just about my entire life. I played by the book as much as I could and only justify stealing if someone is stealing from me. Guess what? All of these big companies are stealing from tax payers. The government is stealing from tax payers. I have paid over $2000 in bullshit tickets (registration, insurance, parking, illegal tow by police in Texas, towed from my parking spot in apartments, towed from leaving my car overnight in a parking space near a tow yard, which they said I could leave there until they closed. They towed me before they closed and charged me over $200 for a 20 foot tow. There's more but you get it) over the course of my life, usually when I could least afford it, resulting in my life being 10x harder. I have had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen from me (talking 5-6 digits here) and usually from people I have put my trust in. I'm pretty sure I've put over half of my life's earnings into this system. I've got a slew of problems and can't even afford to move out and into a tent if I wanted to.

But then one day I start questioning stuff. Why do people own land? That doesn't even make sense. How can someone own something that we were all born with? And yet it happens. It happens as a result of mass theft by governments and corporations alike. These same people will throw the Bible in your face and use it as justification for their pilfering and guilt trip you at the same time. They didn't even read the part where it basically says every plant is for us, and yet they have made it to where you can't go down the street and pick fruit or vegetables, you must pay for them with blood and sweat. Farmland should be open to all who want to work it, and yet it's privatized. They try to make you feel bad by saying these businesses will go out of business and employees will get laid off etc. That's all bullshit. They want you to be a slave for your entire life. If these businesses go out of business, they will get government funds to stay in business as long as their in favor. Do you really think they will let Walmart go bankrupt? Hell no. They will get help just like GM did.

So after all my hardship I'm realizing that I should just stop fighting it. Life is telling me to take what I need when I need it. If I don't I'm going to be in debt or in jail soon enough anyways. Might as well shoplift to pay these bullshit medical bills and keep some left over to pay taxes with (yes I'm going to take Walmart's tax break and pay taxes with it). After I get everything up to date I'm probably going to quit, buy a van and move into that and work an honest living.

Edit: Oh yea, and getting treated like shit and garbage at work and basically being told to pretend to work when there's nothing to do also doesn't help. I lost a good bit of my hairline from work stress, seriously. Fuck work. It's not supposed to be done for 40+ hours a week for years at a time.


Thebootyholewarrior wrote

There are 2 things that really did it the first one was just shady the second one as an accident both of them involving the Library but as a Kid (about 15 years ago) i took a book out at the Library and lost it and my Family somehow avoided paying the fine for it.

And the time i accidently stole a DVD from a different Library (which of course i returned) because i forgot to tell the Person who checks you out about it but outside of that i did not shoplifting as a kid (i did steal once in a while but not from Stores) but even though i was a shitty Anti Social Kid (same goes for being an Adult) i was not into the five finger discount then.