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So a few days ago me and a few of my friends went to look for prom dresses in a mall about an hour away from where we live. We didn’t go in with the plan to lift (it wasn’t discussed, anyway), but we each of my friends got prom dresses about $120 each by using the dressing room method. We were lucky we didn’t get caught because one of them put one in their bag. I didn’t end up getting one but I did get an amazing poof jacket. That’s all I got other than using the same method in $harlotte Ru$$e with a few other clothing items, but they took things from other stores too, with cameras around. It’s a big mall and there was no suspicion aimed at us. Soon, we want to go back. Many suggest waiting at least 90 days before another lift in the same store, but it’s that necessary? If I went with the same friends would that be a danger for me? If I went different friends, perhaps split up into groups of two, do you think it’d be safe enough to go again within the next couple of weeks? Thx guys 🖤



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Lobodax wrote

It depends on who is on cameras and how good the employee is in juniors. They have some of the best cameras but they don't pay the person in the camera room as much as the off duty cop or leased security guard so they don't attract worthy talent to the job that could catch them the most people. Also don't sweat case building the left hand often does not know what the right is doing. Look at the state of the dressing room if clothes are left without being picked up chances are the person in that area is not any good. If you are comfortable working with a friend then go in seperately and don't even acknowledge each other. Take clothes in and wait. Have your friend bring you what you want to steal stuff it in your bag and bring out everything you took in and leave the store. When your friend comes out even if they stop her she can deny everything she has nothing.