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SwiperYesSwiping wrote

Why do you believe that?

I don’t think a case was built against me, but I did have many odd experiences at a certain Walmart.

They eventually banned me for putting a bell pepper back in the bin too carelessly (I dropped it 😂!wtf). They knew I was killing em and couldn’t catch me.


PatchU wrote

I was in a major chain liquor store recently. Over a year I've maybe taken 3 or 4 cans of something. Nothing major.

They've had a haul over, and I was a bit lost trying to find my "usual".

Next minute, I had staff all around me. They sent in one young fella (so OBVIOUS)... then the older guy came out (that I've seen many of times in there)...

He was chasing my tail and hollowing out to me. "Hey"... "Hey, how you going?"... "Can I help you at all?"...

I wasn't really paying attention cos I had NO intention of lifting.

So I didnt feel guilty or the need to look over my shoulder.

But we have recently had the "plastic bag ban" here. And people were juggling multiple 6 packs in their hands.

I brought in a canvas black bag to carry my packs out.

Not sure if that was my red flag, or I'm pinned on their wall as someone who's shoplifted there before.

Or maybe both.

Either way, I'm not keen to go back there.