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I noticed lots of posts about tags setting off alarms so I thought I'd give you my strategies on this.

  1. The most obvious .. walk out and let the alarm beep and do not stop.

  2. Remove tags in blind spot or restroom or dressing room by slicing through them with a blade you brought with you. Or a tool that removes them.

  3. Use self checkout with price switching

  4. Put your bag or purse on a demagnetizer with items in there and demagnetize them. You can use self checkout for this.

  5. Buy a tagged item so when towers beep you have the valid receipt for something while the concealed tagged items aren't questioned.

  6. Lift bag over the towers while walking out.

  7. Time your walkout with other customers while you must not have heard the beep BC you were on a call or had ear phones in.

  8. Booster bag

Any other you use? Feel free to add yours.



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